Branna pups born 11th December 2009




We have 4 little chunky grey brindle pups born to Branna Daughter of Levi

This is her first litter and she is a lovely girl who was 2 last August you can see her on the site growing up if you are not familiar with her already

keep watching to see these 4 growing up in pictures


2 videos



Here they are 1 day old and it is difficult to see them when they are cuddled up to her, very healthy and nice pups. Branna is being the best mum!

pups now 10 days old they are really good and Branna is the model mum and for a first litter we are very pround of her


well here we are again nice and comfy and warm 11 days old

The babies are filling out nicely good job only 4 or there would be no room




Yummy first tast of food

and wasn't it lovely


well here we are 4 weeks old and trying to escape




We all decided to play at drunken pups

(at least that is what Toni calls us)


Hmm lovely lunch

Nearly 5 weeks old now


OK quick to the paper for a wee hmmm someone is missing?



Thats right now lets just check the bowls in case there is anything left

Oh dear they will be out of their run soon the way they are climbing .........

Poppy with one of her charges baby boy pup


8 weeks old and growing so fast

9 weeks old now

Poppy in charge again making sure they know the rules of play


All calm again now time for a kip


Hi there here we are 10 weeks old - just thought I would show you my teeth (Calon baby boys new name) plus I needed to take a break from photo shoot for a pee

here we are with one little girl 11 weeks old who is a happy little soul now called Tabitha and is staying with us

here is baby Branna now owned by Laura also 11 weeks

Tabatha is now 13 weeks old and enjoying playing with Poppy (when she doesn't run off)
Tabitha now 15 weeks - she has lost Poppy again - is she on the field? - is she behind me? or is she hiding under that trailer?

4 months already - practicing my Yoga and stretches - plus watching over the building work from my lump of soil


Minnie also 4 months old how cute is she ?

I am an angel

let me in I will be good honest

hmmm I just can't get comfy