Branna pups due 21st November 2010 BACK  

Hi there I am waiting to have a baby I will just have a sleep I am still waiting zzzzzz
here we are 2 days old today - all went well although there was a 5 hour break at one point! between 2 and 3 pup but she was ok

small video of them having some milk not the best quality though - so till later

5 days old

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here we are at 2 weeks old
3 weeks now and wobbling around good on all 4 legs
4 weeks tomorrow


here are the pups 6 weeks old playing

below are pics of same day


misty going for it

misty cara and one of the boys

two of the boys


mist and boy investigating the broom

misty & cara playing tug of war with Toni's sock

another boy relaxing

boy looking for misty

boy finds misty

Cara with one of her new friends

can we come in the kitchen please if we are good

Poppy and Misty having a wrestle Khaos has had enough

Finnegan - who just woke me

Misty- hmmmmm

Khaos - who was here smells like Poppy

Misty and Khaos 1 bed each

Finnegan went to live with his new mum and dad today and here he is in his new bed for the night, apparently he is behaving very well and having fun!

Khaos in his new home checking out the fishing

with his uncles Juno and Zeus

Cara with one of her live in friends Cara looking very like Misty