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We have started a new page for 2013 with changes as Levi passed on new years eve and Misty is taking over his duties

so if those of you who are new want to catch up with getting to know us please check out the other pages.


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6 January 2013

Hello there my name is Misty and I am going to take over from my grandad Levi, who sadly died on new years eve. My mum Branna is going to help me as I never used a website before...

Not a lot has happened over the last few weeks appart from Toni being worried about Levi and my other friend TyneFudge as they both got sick at the same time. Tyne is doing ok but Branna said she is not going to ever get better, just has lots of cuddles and plays with Toni when she cleans out the horses.

Me and the other girls are happily playing in our big run most of the time, but it is sooo muddy and we get in a lot of a mess, but it is all ok.

Anyhow I am going to get Toni to do some pictures of us, to put in my next posting on here, see you soon :-)

Misty x

10 Jan

Just a quick line to say thanks to everyone who have sent emails about the loss of grandad Levi we are all missing him - a lovely dog

Misty and gang xx

18 Jan

good day all, it is nice today the snow is still here but not snowing. We went for a long gallop in the snow yesterday and Toni did some photos of us as you can see, but it was so cold and blowy up here that we only stayed out for 15 mins.

Not much has happened to write about. TyneFudge is doing ok but she had some fluid drained from her tummy as it is gettting uncomfortable, but she is ok and still goes out with Toni to clean the horses stable with Poppy.

lets go running

I'm Tabitha and I would like a biscuit treat please

what have we here

here is a photo of my brother Khaos and our uncle Zeus or Juno? he sent to us this morning

12 Feb

Hi there everyone, it is still raining here and we had a bit of snow this morning but it didn't stay.

Tyne is still here being happy and tail waggy, but her tummy keeps filling up with fluid and so has to keep taking tablets. But she is fine and sharing her bed with Poppy who looks after her.

we also had a picture of Flynn who is a lovely dog lives in Wales with Zoe, and a couple more pics of him are on

other peoples hounds page

13 March

hi all me again Misty, todays news is that Tyne went to the docs again to have some more fluid removed from her tummy and they got 4 LITRES! she was very happy and waggy with Sarah the vet and Toni and Dani helped by drinking coffee and chatting whilst the fluid was taken off... It took 2 hours! but Tyne was hopping and jumping about the place whe she got home. As you can see she is now having a break with Poppy who is always looking after her.

The vet said that whilst they can drain the fluid and she is a happy dog we are all ok. She was diagnosed with the heart prob back on September when they said she wouldn't be with us long, but 6 months later, apart from fluid retention, she is doing fine on the tablets.

5 July

Hi guys Misty back again - I have been on hols with Toni to meet Merlyn (below) I did a lot of playing with him, and hopefully we will have puppies in August. He is a very hansome and kind dog, and we had nice play times and gallops about the place. He lives in a lovely cottage with horses and pigs for company and some more dogs like us......


The latest news on TyneFudge is good, she is not retaining fluids like she was before, and her heart sounds better than it was at the start of the year according to Sarah the vet, so hopefully she will be with us for a while yet.


here we have a picture of Enfys who is 9 years old and a great aunt of mine.....sent from her mum Marg in NorthWales

15th August

Well hi all Misty here again, Toni is a bit disappointed at the moment cause she hoped I was going to have a pup or two? but no I am not having babies I am just having fun with my mum Branna and sister Tabitha. So we will try again next time I am in season, or even Tabitha can try.

Tyne is still doing well out helping Toni muck out the horses every morning, even running around on the top field now and again.

Right off out into the sunshine for a gallop.................


27 Oct

Hi there everyone, Misty here again

well not a lot has happened over the last few weeks, Toni went to Jersey for a week and Jennie came to look after us...

Today we have been sent some pictures of Wellington, Tyne's boy who sadly passed away recently from unknown causes. He was a very loved boy and used to go everywhere with his family. Here he is here at a local dog show where he was the perfect Gent....

Tyne is doing very well, she had her nails clipped at the vets and some other things done, so she is now a nicely groomed girl. Her heart tablets have certainly made her lively like she used to be, and she still goes and helps Toni clean out the horses and romps around with Poppy

Me and the other girls are fine and Toni is going to give us all a grooming tomorrow as it is going to be too bad for us to go out by the look of the weather forcast.

see you later





Dec 30

Well hi all hope you had a good christmas holiday? we all did although poor Tabitha ended up in the vet hospital with a twisted tummy, she had to have an emergency op but we had the all clear from Sara vet and Tab is back to normal again.

Me and Toni however were in a play/production called 'Roots' at the Chapter theatre in Cardiff last month, and I was a star being chosen to play the wolfhound of Ireland and Wales. It was about the roots of Ireland and Wales, shown through Dance and talks, I met lotsa people and had a great time. We are waiting for some photos, but here is one of me and Toni siting waiting on stage with Ruairi and Siriol they were the main people in the production, very nice and fed me treats,

Ruairi was holding me for a photo

Here Huw was making me stand for a photo after Toni had groomed me up for going to Cardiff to be a *Star*

Other news me or Tabitha will hopefully be in season anytime soon so we will have some new pups around fingers crossed!!

9 march

Hi everyone what a lovely week we are having we have been sunbathing out on the mountain and everything is drying out!!

Tyne had a bad time with an open Pyometra, and she had to have antibiotics to clear it up, she cannot have an operation cause of her heart....Toni said it was a good job it was open and draining or we would have lost her for sure. But she is back to her usual self now and just went for a walk in the fields with Toni and Poppy.

here is a pic of me and Bran in the sun this morning

28 May

Hi all me again Misty of the mountain

Well I went on holiday again with Toni to see Merlyn and his wolfie friends we had great fun, and Merlyn and I got on real well this year. Toni says that hopefully we will have babies in July, wonder where they will come from?

Bad news however My friend TyneFudge went to spirit world to play with our other friends that have gone. But it was expected and she had lived a very long time with her heart problem. But in the end old age caught up with her and we all miss having her around...

I am sure Toni will let you know in the next couple of weeks, when we are likely to have some new babies around here, so see you later......


hello everyone, Poppy here I never did this before but Misty is busy getting ready to have babies for me to help look after.

Toni says she is not big so may only have a few, but she is supposed to have them in the next few days, I can't wait!!

Here is a pick of me looking after Tynes pups a few years ago I just love them......

27 July

Well hi there everyone, just having a break from the kids....

I went for a drive with Toni the other day to see the nice vet doctor who said he would do a cesarian? well the next thing I knew was that I was on my bed at home with some little pups cuddled up to me. Where did these come from I wondered, anyhow Toni showed me how to feed them and clean them and it was great.

I had 3 babies and they are real nice I think there will be pics on here soon

Misty x

26 August

Well hi all here I am with my babies Apollo - Hera - Enola

We will put some more pics on soon as these are quite old now

They are 6 weeks old today......


end for now