We live up a mountin in South Wales ...There are 3 of us Irish Wolfhounds, and 1 West Highland White Terrier called Poppy. Jake our sheepdog went to live with Zoe (Toni's daughter) not long ago, and he is quite happy to live on their sofa and run around with Bobby their old english sheepdog, he is having a real plush life now, and being spoilt to bits.

There are many other animals in our family, but the main one is a human - Toni, she feeds us and lets us out for walks on the mountain

I am Misty and have taken on the job of telling you about us all. I am in my second year now so have a bit of input into the goings on around here...

Finigan my Auntie also died and had a long life dispite being disabled through vacination damage as a pup, she was 9 years old, and Toni is amazed that she coped for so long, as she had problems with her back legs being totally stiff, so she had to 'hop' about. There is more about her life on the site (finigans story) which is well worth a read !

We are all still enjoying the big fenced off area of 4 acres, on the mountain so that we can have it as our own big garden to play in, and it goes down into the wooded bit down by the stream, so lots of places to look for rabbits and foxes.

Toni has been making videos of us all as well, I heard someone saying that she has gone very technical...........but I dont know what that means?.........most of the videos on the site are of the last years pups but she is trying to make some of us playing but we all keep running away so she has to edit them? Anyhow keep watching and you will see us all playing up.

There are lots of pictures of us all around this site, and we are looking forward to more baby puppy pictures on here again soon!

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