Here are our two new babies.

Both of them were born to Ebony and Nugit, unfortunately Nugit died at only 2 years old from a twisted gut. A very sad time indeed and Ebony gave birth to Suki during the same week so things were a little better knowing that yet another one of his babies would be here as a reminder of his life.


Ebony gave birth to Ayro by cesearian section last year, she did her nesting thing for a day with no results being evident. I suspected she only had one or maybe two pups, as she was not looking pregnant at all, but had all the maternal signs. I took her for an xray, and as I suspected only one pup was present. I had to insist on an operation, as I was sure she was late delivering this puppyfrom her general behaviour.

So in she went and we prepared her for the op, 20 mins later I was given Ayro wrapped in a blanket. I had been nervously sharing a bar of Areo chocolate with one of the nurses whilst waiting for the birth, plus when they gave her to me she was blowing bubbles, we all cheered and jointly named herAyro

Suki was also born by Cesearian due to Nuggie the male pup of this litter being stuck in the birth canal, we had to operate to make sure that no-one died in the birthing process.

I did assist in this one as we knew there was more than on pup this time, and she had started to go into labour.

Once opened up they all came out swiftly and three of us were there on hand to dry and make sure they were all breathing and ok. I was secretly hoping that we would have another cream baby boy but Suki showed up as our new baby straight away. And if you have been looking on the new puppy pages you will see that she is growing nicely

Ebony is fit and healthy and has had two litters both from Nugit but will not be having any more .......................

Ayro at 6 months waiting for her sister Suki to be born


Suki and Ebony1 week old

This is the seaside that mummy Ebony was telling me about. She said she will come with me when Suki is a bit bigger

Suki 6weeks old with one of her admirers

Toni come away from that water it is too big and dangerous

no dont want to go in, I am scared cause I am only a baby, and it is too cold! I am off to find dad

thought I would give my ears an airing as it is a bit hot today

sleep - mum says it makes me grow - so better do a lot of it

I will be nine weeks old soon so better get some growing done

cant find dad? hey Toni wait for me to catch up it must betime to go home

see Toni I don't always pee on the kitchen floor

(Suki at 10 weeks)

Hey Toni look a big dog with sticks coming out of its head - Im off to sort something out


right this calls for big action -- if I chew this stick in half -- and sharpen the ends

perhaps I can be a big dog with sticks on my head as well


dad is mum getting our dinner do you think? .............................ohhh dad come on you can get it !

Connor is staying with us but he is out in the kitchen so I think I will just crash in his bed -

if I shut my eyes tight he will think I is asleep and willleave me here

Ayro and Ebony enjoying their sunday morning on the beach

Hey Ayro - I can see dad from here with the cows

Hi mum have you come to watch the cows with me and Ayro


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