Here they are 7 puppies for Ayro born 28th August

Juno Sooty face    (Branna) 5 weeks and on new deck for a play

BRANNA the Runner 4 months old

Juno Im 10 weeks old now and off to live with uncle Zeus - they came to get me in Zue's car and mum said my picture is going on it somwhere too Aislin checking out her new territory in Devon
Murphy -- I am 9weeks old and posing Branna-- Toni said I look like my mum but I reacon I got my Dad's nose Merlyn -- my toys
Branna and Ruby Who's bed is this  hmmmm
Branna and Ruby asleep on Sally's blanket Lola 14 weeks Murphy - is that my dinner
Branna - just get ready for bed I pinched daddy Levi's bed and it's real comfy
Lola at 6 months I thought it was nice but mum thought not