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Branna and Poppy

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Well this week I am finishing off my course of vaccinations and I seem to be ok. I had a poorly leg when I was little but that seems ok now, Toni keeps checking it though

We are getting ready to go to Scotland for a few days later in the month, so that is exciting.

Our friend Jennie will be coming to look after my mum and family, and I will be going with Toni in the Wolfwaggon, and Emma is coming to look after the horses and the cows for Huw so we should have a nice break.

It's my bed time now so I will be back in a few days, with some more news and pictures



Well hi there, we have just got back from our holiday in Scotland! we had a real good time and visitedlots of new people including some new friends, and my cousin Torin who went to live in Scotland 2 years ago, with Janet and David

We also went to visit some of my relations in Derby, Torin's grandad and his sister who are all very nice

Well I have to go now and rest my legs cause they are growing!!


This week we have had a nice suprise in our house Seryn my cousin has come back to live with us. She is settling in with everyone, but Toni wants her to be in the house to get used to sounds and things she said, so I said she can sleep with me in my room


Here she is - ignore me I'm having a bad ear day


well I have been a silly boy last month.

I fell over and broke my knee, in fact I think it was one of the westies that pushed me over really.

I had to go to hospital, far away from Toni and my family, and stay there for nearly a week while they put nuts and bolts in my leg! It wasn't so bad though cause the people there were very nice too me.   

But now I have to stay in this cage for a long time till it gets better till after christmas I am told, so mum got me lots of bones and toys and treats plus I can watch TV all day............................


hi there I am back again,  and I have been let out on good behaviour! Toni said I can come out as long as I am a good boy, and dont rush around. She has put a nice new bed for me which I lay on, but when she goes out I have to go back in my cage to be safe she said ? whoops I snuck onto the sofa while she was making coffee, and promptly got put back on my bed.

Went to hospital for a 2 week check up the other day, and had a picture taken of my arm what a palarva, I wouldn't lay down so they had to take the x-ray maching off its brackets and moved it into place on my arm, I was not impressed but gave Diane the vet a lick on her ear whilst she was taking the picture. All is well and I have a bolt and a metal pin in there, I am bionic pup. See you later


well hi everybody and a happy new year

I have been let out of my cage permanently now! and mostly sleep on the sofa but Toni does make me sleep on my dog bed when like today, I trashed Huw's magazine and was very naughty

I am bored and want to go out to play with the others..............

There is Seryn laying around in the studio garden sunning herself, and the others are out on the mountain

ok it is now FEBRUARY and I am more in the wars!!!

When I was a baby back in June 2006 and only a few days old, mum Tippi trod on my back leg and the vet wasn't sure if it was broken or not but he gave me tablets and injections, and I seemed to get better. But when I went for a check up on my front leg last week, Diane who fixed it for me up in mid Wales, x-rayed it for me cause Toni was worried that it was still not right.

To cut a long story short, I had to go to Bristol to see Mr Hamish Denny who cut a piece out of my bone because it was bent, and making my growth plates grow wrong, so now I am having to stay in the house full time for another 6 weeks!! till that is better.

here is a picture of Seryn and Suki laying out on the mountan in one of their favourite spots, and again with some of the others   oh and me again having a sleep on the sofa



  Mum Tippi on my bed

Well honestly! my mum Tippi had a weigh in at the vets a couple of weeks ago, and she is 65K which is fat. Toni says it is because she lays around all day and doesn't want to run around like the other girls, but eats like a horse, so she has gone on a diet.             I have let her sleep on my bed in the day time, cause she is fed up Toni is going to get her a couple of bones to chew on so she has something to do, but they won't make her fat, and she has some special thin food.

I have been getting better, and my legs are nearly walking properly now. I had a telling off the other day though, cause I was throwing my toys in the air and jumping up to catch them, not good for my front leg cause it makes it sore.                                   We did go for a gentle walk in the park the other day, where I met a little white curly dog, and I was telling her about my operations, whilst Toni was chatting to her mum and dad. 


Well hi there everyone, it is now the end of April and I am nearly 11 months old ! Getting about a lot better on my legs but they are still growing so have to take care


Today Toni and I went to the lake but it was shut, or rather they were mending the carpark so we couldnt go in so we went to another park where I met another new friend called Jack, he is a golden retriever and great fun, I shared a bowl of water with him, whilst Toni had a coffee and a chat with Howard and Sheila, his humans.

Howard took a picture of us and said he would send it so I can put it in my gallery for people to see

I think I need to lie down now I have had a busy afternoon - see you all later


June 2nd - My birthday


Hey guess what I was 1 years old on Saturday and today Sunday two friends who I never saw before, visited me all the way from Didcot near Oxford and brought me a pressie which I will chomp my way through for the rest of today.

Thank you Lorraine and Mike and Alex




June 10

well hi everyone the news this week is that Seryn and I and Toni of course, went up to north wales to see Seryn's sister Enfys who went to live with Marg and Chas, she is doing very well and living with another wolfie called Molly. Enfys is under Marg's right hand and Molly is on the left.

we called in to see Diane on the way, she is the vet who fixed my front leg, and she was looking at the back leg saying that one of the bolts might be coming out, so I have got to take it easy for a few more weeks, not to run around so much......................  

Honestly there is only so much a grown up pup like me can take!!!




Hi there again, I just had a few pictures of Zeus my half brother, who was born two months before me.

He has just done   a sponsored walk for the greyhound trust with his mum  Heather, and some of his greyhound brothers and sisters that he lives with. He raised  £160 for them which is very good

I wish I had his legs to go walking with

Here he is afterwards, there are some similarities between us as you can see!!

But I think his sofa needs to be a bit longer? like mine.


well hi there all, I got Toni to take a picture of my mum who has lost a few pounds now and is looking a lot better.  Here she is, Toni says she looks like a giant puppy the way she is sitting with her legs sticking out

we haven't had a lot of other news this month - however we did have a few visitors which was nice who came to see us, and I have been trying to be a grown up puppy and make babies with Ayro, but we are yet to see the results????

we are all hoping that it will stop raining soon, cause Toni keeps telling us off for getting the floors dirty with muddy paws


oh dear what happened to the cushion??

Toni said I was naughty, but why does she think it was me ?*!

I am always gettin the blame!!!

Toni and Huw are going to Ireland for a week and leaving me here with Jennie and the other dogs

I guess I will just have to be in charge of everyone till they get back



wednesday 15th August.....

Hi there here we are again 

well Toni and Huw are back from Ireland and I have been a very good boy while they were away, helping Jennie to clean up, and tidying around the place, keeping everyone in order.    

We have all been fine here! having a jolly time.  Jennie kept trying to pull her hair out, and saying that she was at the end of her teather, I don't know what that is ??     

But I kept Jen running around a lot, cause she said she wanted to keep fit and loose a bit of weight, so I gave her lots of things to do, that would encourage her to do sweeping and cleaning and stuff, and then played at washing the floor and ..............................

(enters Toni and kicks Levi off the computer)  

"The truth is!! Levi was a naughty boy from start to finish!! he took things off the table, pinched the washing up sponges, and ate them! brought in bits of wood from the garden and chewed them up everywhere, he kept everyone in order by bullying them, and taking their bones off them. Plus he kept pulling Jennie around by her arm, and didn't do as she told him.   He apparently also kept everyone awake at night, by singing and making the girls join in."

But we did have a good holiday even though it may be our last!!".


Sunday 26th August

Well here we are again, and we just got back from the Wolfhound Rally down the road. It was great and they put on some lovely food and fun

We took our new dog Fudge who really loved it, and enjoyed seeing all the people and dogs. Plus Jennie came all the way from Cardiff as well so that was a nice suprise.                                               Here is a picture of Huw with Fudge >

Fudge thought she might have a go at coursing but when the fluffy thing started off down the track instead of chasing it she just trotted off in the other direction to speak to another dog... I ask you! Toni has put some pictures on the event link to the Rally on the front page..

Plus more great news this week Ayro is going to have some babies next week -  I did it yehhhh, I am going to be a daddy yehhhh - more on this when the big event occurs

Saturday 8th September

well hi there everyone, my babies were born on the 28th of August

Well it has been a very tiring week Ayro had 13 babies by c-section last week and they were early which was not good and unfortunately as much as Toni sat up feeding them and stuff, 6 of them died which was very sad.

Then Toni's dad died as well so she has been very sad this week. I have been looking after everyone and making sure they didn't make too much noise.

But hey we have 7 lovely pups and they will have a page of their own soon when we have time to make one, with a little video on if we can.

So see you all later, I must get back to playing outside in the sunshine

Tuesday 26th September

Hi there, sorry to be soo long in writing the news, but we have been up to our ears in puppys and newspapers and Toni had to sleep on the sofa for 4 weeks, which meant that I had to sleep out in my room for all that time. I can't wait untill the pups go out in their own room so that I can have my sofa back!!

Well today we had a visit from Julie and her husband who wanted to see my puppies, and they brought me a bone for a pressie! and some for the girls we are spoilt today.....I like visitors they bring me nice chewy things and toys and stuff

Well Toni is making some decking for the puppies to play on when they get a bit bigger so she is busy, so I will get back to my bone

see you later

Sun 30 September

Hi there everyone, today we have had loadsa visitors! George and Linda came to see Lola, my blond baby and then ZEUS my big brother, came with his mum and dad Heather and Ian to see Juno, he is the baby that Zeus is going to adopt.

Wow it was great to see him and we played outside for a while whilst they looked at the pups.

Here he is inside with them, whilst they were looking at Juno.

I was sneaky whilst they were in there though, I got the can of dog food that had just been opened off the counter and ate it, but they came out and caught me red pawed, with my nose stuck in the can eating it.

OH well it was worth a try, and I didn't get too much of a telling off cause we had visitors, not sure if  Toni will give me much dinner tonight though???????

October 6th

Good morning all well the pups are nearly 6 weeks old now and they will be having their liver shunt test and the vet will check them all to make sure they are all fit and healthy.

Here is a pic of Ayro's bum whilst she is feeding the pups, they are greedy little things!! Toni gave them meaty food then a big bowl of puppy milk and they still went to Ayro for some more.

I am sure I wasn't that greedy, hummm apparently I was?

right off to do something important - now then where is that bone I left on my bed .....................

October 11th

Hi all another week over and this week we had the babies livershunt tested! They were all real good

The vet came out and took blood out of each of the puppies from their front leg, and then they said they would send it away to make sure that their livers were working properly.                     I hope they are ok, or Toni will have to take them to have an operation to mend them ...............

Oh and there are 2 new pictures of other peoples hounds on the site, a little black puppy called Zeus, and and a cream pup who is a relation to Seryn called Finlay

Oct 17th

Here is Merlyn:

Hi all well liver shunt test all went well and we are all fit and healthy



Oct 24th

All is going good for us this week, the pups are doing well and growing like grass (very fast)

Toni said to say thanks for all the emails we have had lately, from people who love the site, and the lovely comments about the girls and the pups.

Talking of thanks - Ros came for a visit all the way from Aberystwyth today and brought us some treats, she gave me a big fuss, here we are I am standing on a step so I look bigger.

new pup video maybe on site today if Toni has got it right

Oct 27th

Well little Lola went home with George and Linda today so she will be a spoilt little pup over the weekend, there is still a little girl pup without a home due to a cancellation - Toni said NO we are not keeping her!!

Oct 30th

Well two more pups went to their new homes yesterday, Merlyn went to live up in the mountains, or is is down in the valleys? up by Bridgend with Julia and Paul and their other dog and cat.

Then Aislin went to live with Sue and Henry down in Devon on a lovely smallholding, with their children and other animals. So it looks like we will have a nice time next year traveling the country again to visit them all

Plus Toni has bought some indestructable beds for us, and there will be a picture on here when she gets to take a photo, with me demonstrating them of course! The girls will just flop down on them! honestly they have no finess

check out the links page to see

Seryn was a bit tidier so Toni thought she would look better than me

Nov 8th

Now then, there was a puppy around here just now, but all I can see is Sally laying on her bed - HMMMM now where did that baby go? It was Sooty Face (now called Branna.)

Well this week has been a nightmare with all the fireworks making the sheepdog sally scared

whoops I am too big for my bed!! my tail wont fit on it!

Nov 22

Hi there I am Aislin having a nice snooze in my new home in Devon with Olli and family I have been having a great time.............

OK Levi here:

Aislin is a nice little pup isn't she, but we have put more pictures of the pups on their page and more to come later.

Not much happened this week but Branna had her first injection she is 12 weeks old now and 13.5 kilos in weight. New pic of her on puppy page with some of the others

3 of the girls sunning themselves after a lovely gallop around the mountain

Dec 10

Hi there Levi is busy today he is mooching around aunty Seryn cause she is in season, so he is not interested in writing the news page this week, so here I am instead - BRANNA

I am 15 weeks old now and my ears are going funny, they won't stay flat on the side of my head, but stick up like flags and go totaly out of control!   Levi my dad, said he had the same problem when he was my age.  Ruby my sister is to go to her new home this week, so I will miss her but she isn't going far away so I can still see her

I won the bed, see our puppy picture page - me and Ruby checking it out

Dec 11

Well good morning all here is a picture of Lola who went to live with George and Linda looking like a very posh pup

and of course here is Branna and Ruby fast asleep who pinched Sally's blanket that was made especially by Merlyn's mum Julia.

They won't have that for long

Dec 17

Now look here? Toni has made me stay out here in the cold cause I am trying to be best friends with Seryn! I am not happy about this, and Branna has pinched my sofa, you can see her on puppy page making herself comfy while I am out here !!!! Toni said it is to calm down - humff...........

Here is a pic of Murphy in his nice kitchen at home


Where's daddy Levi and mummy Ayro? I think it is nearly midnight and I am very sleepy, bed time

Happy New Year everyone !!!!!

2nd Jan



Hi there its me Levi - I am back to do the news page again

Well Seryn and myself went for a run over the bog this morning and then over the top field on the mountain, but we had to make sure the horses wern't on the mountain because Seryn might chase them unlike myself who just watches them like a good boy.

we are on a bit of a diet after xmas, so a gallop around there was great, the girls are going later.

BRANNA was just laying on her bed whilst we were out, cause she has been out playing with the westies all morning

8th Jan

check out video of Branna running - on the puppy page

10th Jan


Unfortunately our old sheepdog


died today aged 14

she had a tumor in her jaw that was malignant and wouldn't stop bleeding

she will be very much missed by us all

23rd Jan

hi there it is nearly the end of January and not a lot has happened so far this year.

Here is a picture of Ebony, she had a cyst removed from her back a couple of weeks ago and Toni was worried what it might be? but when they opened it up it was just a very wet cyst that was not serious.

So yesterday she had to go and have the stitches out.

Branna has started her ringcraft training, and is enjoying herself. She is very good and watches the other pups in the class jumping up and being very naughty, she lets them look at her teeth, and stands quietly whilst they look at her, and feel her legs and stuff. So I am a very proud Dad - Levi


31st Jan

I Hmmm I do think he looks like me when I was a baby - ok sign off for now LEVI

It is the end of January and think we might have snow which I am looking forward to playing in - it has been very wet up here lately and the girls are being wet and muddy when they come in off the mountain, messy

well here is a pic of Juno,Branna's brother and another of him with Zeus my brother and with 2 of their greyhound sisters

9th Feb

well hi there just got another picture or two, this time from <<<<<  Merlyn when he was 5months old last week. They are growing quickly.

And here is a picture of Branna and a friend at ringcraft >>>,   Toni took picture on her phone so not very good, she will take camera this week

We haven't done much for a while with the bad weather, but will be out and about again this week as the sun is shining, and Toni may take us down to the lake in the wolfwaggon for a change so we can run around there

13 March

HI all its me again Levi - We have not been in touch for a while cause Toni has been very busy working, but she has made a few videos of us and below is one of three of the girls, Ebony, Suki and Fudge who seem to have found some horse poo yukkk, You wouldn't get me messing with that stuff

19th March

Just had to show you the lovely mist on the opposite mountain to us as we walked down the drive this morning.

And here is our Branna now 6 months old, Toni has put a picture of Lola her sister on the puppy page as well just taken at 6 months

20th March

Oh dear

Juno is in trouble, they promised snow for easter and Juno's mum likes snow so he made her an easter suprize !!!!!!!!

take a look on the Ayro pup page for more details

7th April

Branna and Poppy

Well good day all !! Levi here again   - 

we have had a busy weekend, Toni had to put down some new flooring in our puppy room, because I scratched the old stuff up when I was a little puppy ?* hmmm was I a naughty puppy? it looks like Branna and Poppy are happy with it though

Plus one of our friends Black Zeus, came to visit he is now 10 months old and a very hansome boy, Branna thinks she likes him

Also it has been snowing and we got 2 pictures of snow pups Branna's brothers - Murphy and Juno now all 7 months


Black Zues


13 April

Hi all Levi here again

It's been a lovely day, and great weather for a gallop on the mountain, however we are celebrating birthdays today.... It is Zeus's 2nd birthday he was born a couple of months before me, back in 2006 - how time flys. His mum and dad Heather and Ian sent us this picture of Zeus and Juno with the birthday cake, I think the greyhounds are waiting in the background for their bit as well !

30 April

Hello I am black Zeus from Oxford - Levi has let me come onto his page to show you some of my holiday pictures, we visited him on our way to stay in a Cottage in Wales near to Levi's house. I had a great time with my family and it was great to pop in and see the Tonuchka hounds, little Branna was a bit scared of me at first but she might be good friends with me next time, she seemed to like me?

here I am leading them out of danger   -   here I am having a well deserved rest


1st May

Hi there Levi here again

Just heard from Julie Merlyns mum, and he is being a naughty boy! he sounds like Juno (up this page to 20th july) doing the trashing everything game.

Not sure why the humans don't like it? Toni put me outside when she thought I was being a naughty boy, but we have fun playing at killing the furniture and stuff ...........................

and here is Lola and her pet owl, also called Merlyn, He has been living in a cage for a while but now George (Lola's dad) is keeping it outside untill it is old enough to fly

8th May

This weeks news!  Branna has been listening to the news about Merlyn being naughty I think? cause yesterday she ripped up some of the flooring that Toni put down a few weeks ago *?!* BIG TROUBLE she got put outside whilst it was sorted out, and now is outside with Ayro, and only let in when she can be watched.....


Hi all Levi here, we just found a lovely picture of my grandad Claymore (back) and grandma Amba (left) with aunty Jade (right) taken 8 years ago! with Connor Toni's grandson when he was young. They look like they are on the hunt for something.

12th May

 The weather has been great here, and lots has been going on. Here I am taking Seryn and Poppy for a walk in the late summer sunshine. We had a lovely walk.

Yesterday though Seryn was soo bad, she found a small Badger and had a fight with it, Toni had my lead on me, and made me go back to the house cause she said I mustn't join in, but I just wanted to help! the badger of course, Toni wasn't impressed. Seryn suddenly yelped and came running back up the track to home.....Hmmmmm

Heather and Ian's Zeus having a bath - Junos next

16th May



here is a picture just sent to us of Gyp, one of our puppys belonging to Angela up in Keighley. She is 4 years old now, Gyp that is not Ang.

We have had rain today and Branna has had an upset tum all over Toni's kitchen floor yukkkkk. I'm off

oh no they got me! - now Juno be good like your big brother

22 May

me Levi


morning all

well Seryn and myself just came back from our walk on the mountain where Toni took pictures of us so we tried to look photogenic, thats what she told us to do anyhow

see you in a bit - Levi x

and Seryn

23 May

Well hi there everyone, Levi here again.

It has been thunder and lightning today, and some of the girls were scared. But I was ok, and looked after them all, I did have to make my bed comfy though, and move Seryn outa the way

Branna was playing with the girls out in the rain, untill they all came running for cover


here is a picture of Merlyn sent by Julia onto Toni's mobile phone. He is having a good behaviour day

27th May

well hi there all, we have a new brother but he is a horse! and Toni said we are not allowed to play rough and tumble with him, in fact we will have to learn to be very carefull with him.   Maybe he can share my old toys?

He was born in the early hours of this morning - we now need a name?

16th June

Hi all

Unfortunately we lost our little foal 'Apollo' due to infections. He was a bit poorly from the start, but died in the first week,Toni and his mum Lady, were real sad.

But went up to visit my great grandad last weekend at Rachaels new home, to buy a horse carriage for the big horses to pull, and there was a load of my family. Grandad Murphy is the big cream guy, he is 9 now so hope I get to be that big, He has 8 girls in his family! I can't cope with 7 girls..............

6 of Rachael's gang

17th June

Good morning everyone, Toni just fed me my breakfast so though we would drop in before we go out for our walk. It is raining this morning though so not too keen to get my paws wet.

Zeus sent us a picture this morning via Heather and Ian, checking out their new sofa, Juno ate their last one back on 20th March (up the page a bit and on puppy page) so he has been told to stay out of the living room when nobody is there to supervise him.

25th June

Hi all Levi here again, well I was a bit fed up yesterday cause Toni took Branna up to see Merlyn somewhere up in the mountains of Wales, and left me here!! Apparently Branna was a bit of a disgrace though, cause she jumped on their dining room table!*!? when Merlyn went to say hello to her I will have to have a word with her.

Some other people came to see me though when they got home cause they want a baby wolfhound so it was a nice day in the end as I got treats and hugs.

Julia (Merlyn's mum) with Merlyn and Branna in their garden all having a nice playtime

12th July


Morning all levi here with this weeks news.

I have been very good of course teaching Seryn how to take a biscuit nicely from people, but I have to have the first one to show her how it's done! and the second and third to make sure she gets the idea

We had a casualty yesterday! poor old Ebony was in the wars with naughty Fudge!

Fudge decided to bite her at dinner time and took the skin off her leg but she is doing ok and being spoilt with lots of treats and stuff

Me Toni and Seryn just having a training lesson whilst the others watch.

14th July

Ian sent us another picture of the boys today

Zeus and Juno having a rest in the lounge, but not allowed on the new sofa in case Junofancies chewing it again!


15th Aug

hi there all Levi here,

sorry I haven't updated the site for 4 WEEKS, but Toni went to America and wasn't here to turn the computer on.

She is trying to edit a movie of some wolves that she saw to put on here, but in the meantime here is a photograph of some Elks that she took

back soon

25th Aug

Toni brought us some photos back of the USA and here is one. A pic of Yellowstone park as the sun was going down Quite spectacular


6 September

Finigan had her dew claw removed this week because it was rubbing on her foot and making it sore -

Poor Finny was vaccine damaged as a pup and her back legs are now rigid, but with her boots on she gets about fine moving from the hip. Fin is now 7 years old and a very happy girl as her face shows here........


7th October

hi there everyone Levi here again

mum has got a broken camera, and we lost a lot of nice photos, so we haven't been able to take any new pics this last month, but will have some new ones soon.

in the meantime Toni found this picture of me and my sister when we were babies - a picture of my bum - hmmmmmmmm

and there are a couple of new pics on the other peoples hound page of our site of Flake and Zildjian and Doodle


Hi there again, TyneFudge here today, Levi is out playing with Seryn on the mountain

well we got our camera working again and we have also been away visiting our friends Jill, Tim and Finlay up in yorkshire. We only went for a couple of days but stayed for 10!

Whilst we were there we called Angela and Gypsy (Gyp is on one of the other pages on our site she is 5 years old now, and lives up near Finlay so she came for a visit as well and that was nice

Tyne Fudge having a relax and chating to Jake the cat Finlay below and Gypsy above

We were also sent these two pictures of William and Harry from their mum Christine in Bristol

They are Levi's half brothers Rivers babies 2006.

Now nearly 3 years old, with their little irish friend

Dec 18

Hi guys well here we are again and a vid of me and Seryn my mate having a quick gallop on the windy mountain

I was just checking out the puddles on the mountain here, cause they are deep and I don't want to sink

Dec 20

Well we were sent these pictures of Flyn from his mum and dad Julia and Peter he is one of Rivers babies 2006 brother to Will and Harry above (November) He looks a lot like his auntie Seryn

    on the beach posing for his photo>>

<< on his way home  in dreamland after playing on the beach


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