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January 7th

Hi everyone, Levi here again happy new year! My mate Seryn is due to have pups any day now she isn't very big but does have milk, so maybe we will have one or two sometime in the next few days. So Toni has put her in the house away from the rest of us dogs

In the meantime I will pace my kennel waiting for news................................

January 11th

still no news !! and Sery doesn't look like she wants to have a baby right now and is happy to go out playing- I think I will have a rest from all this pacing, but Toni did say it would definitely be this week

January 18th -

phantom pregnancy the vet said so we will have to wait till next time, but one of the others may be in season soon so crossed fingers

January 26th

These girls are always hassling to get in the kitchen to check out the worktops!!

Seryn is very good at accidentally making things fall off there straight into her mouth, she caught a loaf of bread the other day...........................

Well the weather is getting better and we are having a nice dry time galloping about on the mountain.

Cmon Fudge stop sniffing about


3 Feb

Cmon Sery snow mountain out there     


This is all great fun today, loadsa white snow!!
Toni hurry we want to get out on the mountain


Toni said treats for the first back

TyneFudge running up the track and two of the horses enjoying the snow as well

17th Feb

Hi there everyone Toni is just getting our breakfast - WHOOPS Suki decides to help herself

7th April

well hi all  here we are again

It is now April and the spring is starting and don't we know it! everyone is in season and me Levi am doing my nut cause I am not allowed to play with anyone.....

Toni took TyneFudge to see a friend up in the midlands and so hopefully she might have a baby in June, Fudge that is not Toni. Me and Fudge do not see eye to eye when it comes to making puppies, so I don't go there

here is a pic of her gazing into the sky


14th April

well good morning all

here is a pic of some friends that Toni and Fudge went up to visit overnight in Derby they are relations of mine and that is Seryn's cousin in the front with aunt and uncle behind.

I am just about to go for a big walk around the mountain to survey the cows and horses are behaving and not eating all the straw in the shed like they did the other day. see you later

also some new dogs on the other people's hounds page

May 15

Hi everyone me here again Levi of Tonuchka hounds

Toni has been on holiday up north again and she visited Seryn's grandad - He is now 9 1/2 years old, I hope I look that good at his age

Well the latest new is that TyneFudge seems to be having pups! and they will be due around the begining of June which is not to far away. Lets hope she doesn't have a phantom pregnancy like Seryn did last time................  We are all looking forward to it

Another lovely pup picture has been sent to us from the United States, now on the other peoples hounds page - Bailey with his little friend

May 16

can you spot 4 dogs laying in the sun?

Ebony - Suki - Ayro - and Branna at the top

TyneFudge watching a rainbow, it was a double rainbow and very pretty

20 May

Hi there Levi here again

Toni has taken a couple of pics of TyneFudge who is starting to not look so tiny now. She should be having her babies in just over two weeks and Toni is going to have to make a page on the site for her.

TyneFudge is a lovely red colour but dad of pups is a lovely dark grey brindle so it will be nice to see a mixture of babies

Toni said if I was dad we would have too many golden dogs

hmmfff whats wrong with that I say!!   


26th May

Well hi there again - Levi here

No real news on the pups yet, she is just getting fatter, but still enjoys running around the mountain with Jake the sheepdog. Toni just spoke to TyneFudge's first mum on the phone, and she was pleased to hear about her having babies, and will hopefully visit when they are next over this way. I just told TyneFudge but she was too busy eating her supper to listen to me !!


June 3rd

Well TyneFudge is now chillin out in the garden and in the puppy house where it is cool. Toni said she is getting very near now.

Seryn and I are watching with baited breath, the rest of the girls are busy playing out on the mountain or laying around in the sun.

Hasn't she got a big tum? and she is finding it a bit difficult to walk about she tends to waddle. I remember being like that when I had bad legs

signing off for now - Levi

June 4th

TyneFudge was indoors with Toni last night and was digging up the rug and her temporary bed, I ask you!! attentions seeking or what?        Toni said that is what they do when they are getting ready to have their babies so thats OK - I am just a boy dog and know nothing

back in a bit..........................................

June 7th

Well hi again all

She had them! in fact she had a few but some were still born, the vet said that they may have been too long in being born which is very sad - but we have 3 little monsters who are doing very well........

June 9th

Well good day all, we are a bit fed up cause Toni can't take us big walks at the moment because of those littl pups of TyneFudge's but then mum isn't getting a lot of sleep either so I guess we will all have to put up with it for a while

June 14th

Well hi all

Me and Seryn are out in the 3acre run right now where the girls live for a few hours so we can play. Poppy came to see us but didn't stay for long she is helping TyneFudge with the pups

June 20th

here is three of the girls chillin out on their mountainside, surveying the cows and the landscape.

The babies are growing now and Toni is getting a bit more sleep as they are sleeping a lot with their mum on her bed. They don't try to feed constantly like last week.

Today they had their first taste of weetabix and they did very well not getting it everywhere although blondy did wee all over Toni's lap when he was eating .......

here we have a picture of Juno sent by his dad

definitely dogs in motion

June 25th

Hi all

well Poppy was doing some puppy sitting today to give TyneFudge time out.

The pups love her and she is great with the pups, if she could feed them she would I am sure.

Otherwise things are going fine and we have homes for the boys just need the right home for little girl pup who seems to be very self sufficient and tend to keep to herself.

Keep an ey on tyne's page as toni will be putting a video on there when they are a bit bigger

July 6th



Juno finally made it onto the roof of the car, the rest of the car is Zeus but hey doesn't he look cool!

This is Heather and Ians VW they adopted Zeus three years ago then Juno a year later.......................

The update on our little pups is that they just had their second worming and they were fine. Toni gave it to them just before their supper last night - they have now moved out to play in their puppy shed as well, and they are having great fun with their toys and chasing each other around.


Well hi there it's me again wet and soggy from playing in the rain - Toni was so disgusted at me that she wouldn't take my photo!

Anyhow news today is that we have a new foal a lovely little girl who is doing well unlike poor little Appollo foal last year you may remember who was a sick little horse...

There are new pics of the pups on TyneFudge's page they are 6 weeks old now! doesn't time run? or is it fly? anyhow take a look

see you later Levi x

August 5th

Hi there Levi here again, well it has stopped raining and my feet are dry at last! Seryn and myself are laying out on the mountain and the girls are in their run -

The pups are starting to go to their new homes now, Jed went at the weekend and the other two will be going home in the next week or so, and we will be bck to normal............................


August 23rd

All the pups have gone home now and are enjoying their new lives Molly has sent 2 pics which are now on the TyneFudge pups page and Wellington is sending some soon

we are all wet all the time with this rain it is ok when we go for a run in it, but are full of mud when we get back which is not very nice for anyone ..................


Sept 1st

hi all September already and it is still raining............

Anyhow we just got this picture from Juno, Branna's brother it was their birthday last week and Heather (juno and zeus's mum) made Juno a cake which Zeus shared as you can see. Toni didn't make Branna a cake, but she did get extra cuddles and stuff.

looks like rain again for the rest of this week, never mind we have a nice bed to lay in out of the rain..............................

Sept 19th

Isn't this a cute pic of Wellington between his new family on the back seat of their car

More new pictures of wellington on tynefudge page

Zeus and Juno decide they need a wash - so Heather and Ian called 'dial a dog wash!'

Highly recommended and there is a link to their site on the othersites of interest page

  Hmm not much room but does the job

27th Sept

Well this week Toni went off and left us with Huw for a few days whilst she went to visit people in England.

Well I am not impressed cause she didn't sort out our walks, but now she is back and we can get back to normal..................................

New pictures of Molly pup on TyneFudge page and I am hoping to get a pic of me on here soon as you will all have forgotten what I look like!

Signing off for now - Levi x


20th October

Well hi there guys Levi here again, sorry for the long delay in writig my column but hey it has been really hectic here. Toni and Branna went off on holiday leaving me here in charge for a few days. They went up to the midlands to see friends and my baby Branna went in a show and won 2nd prize out of 21 other girls so that was quite good.

However to top it all we have exciting news today! Branna my little girl is having babies, how time flys! it seems only yesterday that she was tugging at my tail to play, but no she is now a grown girl and so Toni took a photo of her in a relaxed mode having a rest.

life of luxury I say

back later with more news..............

14 Nov

Well good day all

It looks like my little Branna is going to be a mum, her tummy is getting a bit bigger and she is certainly exhibiting signs of pregnancy

shame about all the rain lately, last night I thought the roof of my house was going to blow off it was so bad Seryn sleeps in with me so I had to keep her close in case she got too scared of the wind! but all seems ok today lots of stuff blown around like bits of tree and rubbish all over the place but soon cleared up.


17 Nov

Sad news today EBONY died

Ebs was 8 years old and was fine yesterday but died in her sleep last night.   We will miss her loads - she was a very gentle and kind dog

  from a baby with her dad Claymore through her life with her pups and on her favourite sofa ..........................

20 Nov

Hi Levi here again.....Great news! this afternoon Branna had a scan at the vets, and Toni saw some pups wriggling about and their hearts beating, one of them looked quite big, hope he/she isn't going to be trouble when it comes to being born!

So it looks like Christmas will be fun this year for all- back later

5th December

hi everyone Toni has been off line for a week! modem blew up in thunderstorm so we had to wait to get a new one delivered

Branna is getting fatter but not huge and Toni is convinced she will not have too many babies, so that will be a bit easier on everyone. Bran's appetite is good now though and she is still charging around like a big pup when she is out playing with the others but not too much rough and tumble so at least she is keeping fit........

Back later in the week

12th December


     Branna had her babies - 3 girls and a boy last night !!! all grey brindles


21st December

Well hi all levi here again - we have had a quiet couple of weeks with the pups being born and everything, but Toni has managed to take us out for our daily gallop so no complaints.

Jake our Sheepdog went to live with Zoe, Toni's daughter yesterday. They have an old english sheepdog who needs a friend to live with her, and her and Jake are the best of mates, so we will see how it goes.

Back later when we have some more news, and don't forget to check out Branna,s page to see the pups

end for now