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Jan 5th

well hi there and it is another new year and has started with lotsa snow! Here is Branna, Suki and Ayro coming back from big run

Branna's babies are all growing fast check them out on Branna's pups page................


8th Jan

here are my brothers Zeus and Juno in the snow where they live - they say there is going to be more snow at the weekend.

I hope Branna's babies stay by the radiator and under their heat lamp or the could catch cold! Branna seems to be keeping them warm though.

This is Levi signing off for another day........................

20 Jan

Hi there people, here I am again Levi with a lovely pic of Wellie from TyneFudge babies back in June, with one of his family off out for a walk in the snow. More pics of him on TyneFudge page

My grandpups are growing well now and Branna has been the besty mum ever more pics of her on Branna pups

Poppy wanted her pic taken with one of the pups so she is on there as well

enjoy the pictures !!

9th February

Good day all

Well it has stopped snowing here now but it is still very cold.

The puppies are now 8 weeks old, and growing fast! They are constantly in and out of the back door playing on the grass and generally getting under Toni's feet! But they are so funny when they climb all over each other and fall down play fighting. Then they look so cute when they all fall asleep exhasted.

One little girl pup went to live with her new parents and is settling in very well, another little girl is going at the weekend to a very nice home up in Gloucester with lots of space to live, and play.

Branna has no time for them now that they have got big, and preferes to go play with her mum Ayro, and auntie Suki out in the big run most of the day. She must be the fittest wolfhound on the planet, cause she doesn't stop running, she is such a galloping dog, wears me out watching her................................ check out Branna's page to see the pups..

11 March

Well good morning all, at last Toni has let me back on here to write my news page!! I have been feeling quite redundant lately

Branna's pups all found new homes apart from Tabitha, who is staying here with us. A few people wanted her but they were not really likely to be the right parents because they really wanted a boy, or different colour or just too far to come and see her.

We are all quite happy though that she is staying, cause she is such a funny and loving little pup. She has been going to visit other pups over the last week, to get her socialised to dogs not in our family, and she is doing ok!!

29 March

Hi everyone, Levi here again!

Well not much has happened this month, we have all had a good old grooming Seryn still needs doing cause she has dreadlocks, but it is nice to get rid of all that old winter fur.

Little Tabitha who is now part of our family proper, is growing nicely, and she has been out visiting other friends at their houses so she can see how everyone else lives, and toget used to playing with other dogs. Apparently Toni is taking her to visit some of her litter mates next month on her way up to Coventry to visit family, so that will be nice for her. I of course will be left in charge although Seryn tells me off for being too bossy, so maybe I will just chill out in the April sunshine as long as we get some of course.


31 March

We got some pictures of Molly today from TyneFudge babies last June and here is one of them -

She is now 9 months old and having great fun with her new family, there are a couple more pics of her on TyneFudge page

13 May

Evening all here I am again, it has been quite hectic here again and so we haven't put any new pics up for a while. Tomorrow Toni is free to take us all out for long walks though so we may get some pictures taken?

Little Tabitha has been out playing in the big run with the girls in the day and is really enjoying herself, but she comes back in to sleep in the night-time as it is still a bit cold out there or her.

anyhow see you tomorrow I hope with somenew pictures!!

signing of for now - Levi

1st June

Sad news this week Finigan our disabled girl died, she was 9 years old but it is still very sad, and Toni who used to share her morning toast with her, is finding it difficult to not have her here.......

We are making a page dedicated to her about her life in words and pictures - and it will be on the site very soon


d ,ml;

whoops Tabitha just put her face on the keybord she can't type

picture opposite taken of Finny

18 months ago

5th June

Well good morning all, Levi here again

It is a lovely day here today for the 4th day running wow, we had pictures of Wellington on his first birthday, how time flys!Here he is with his best mate Manny, they go everywhere together and looks like they are enjoying the weather, more pics of him on tynefudgepups

I can't see a birthday cake though? this is a subtle hint because tomorrow is MY birthday I will be 4 years old, 4 YEARS OLD EVERYONE .........

whoops Toni just told me off for shouting - I might get my cake though

Finigan rememberance page coming soon in next day or two Toni still working on it

14th July

hi there all Toni here, I have taken over from Levi today he is having a sleep out of the rain! does it never end?

Anyhow we haven't reported any news for a few weeks, as I haven't been here a lot, I have been up to the midlands a couple of times, and of course levi can't turn the computer on on his own to write his column.....

Ok silliness over, TyneFudge and I went up to see her boyfriend and hopefully she is having pups. We had a lovely time away with other wolfhounds to play with, where they like our hounds, have megga fields to be free in all the time, so we all sat in the sunshine whilst they played.

I would also like to thank all the people who have visited the site and sent nice messages regarding the loss of our beloved Fin who died back in May, the house is definitely empty without her................. very kind of you all, and it is nice to see the people who met her revisiting the site on regular basis. We will start to update a bit more regularly now so keep watching

And thank you all for the support of the site over the years - Toni and hounds


23rd July

Hi there all, well the latest news is that Branna went to dog training this afternoon to stop her being a WUSS. I tell you one of my babies being a scaredy cat is not acceptable!! Toni said she was quite a good girl really but didn't like talking to the other dogs there they frighten her - so Gaynor the dog training lady, gave Toni and Branna some good tips and said they have to go out and be brave with everyone, then Branna will get a bit more confident

Here she is back on the mountain....


then of course we have some new pics of Tabitha galloping up the mountain, she is now 7 months old and looking good. Tabitha is also going to the dog training on sunday to join the puppy class so she will enjoy herself having fun thats for sure.


August 1st

here we have more updated pics of past pups regulars Zeus and Juno - then two pics of Faolan who is now 4 years old

17th August

Tyne is getting fat now, and her pups are due on the 28th August phew that is the same day as Branna was born so that will be nice birthday celebrations.

Everyone else is well and we are having a new log cabin Toni is fed up of living in a shed she says so we may be nice and posh soon even Seryn and I may get a new house so I am looking forward to that!!


6th September

Hi all well the arrival of tyne's pups happened on the 28th of August, but it has been such a problem for Toni who's Mum came to visit and broke her ankle so Toni had to go and look after her as well as the pups and has only just come back home again!

Good job we had Huw here to feed and walk us or it could have been a catastrophy .....

Anyhow TyneFudge had a c-section in the end and only had 3 pups and one of them 'Troy' sadly died when he was only 3days old, the vet thought he had something wrong inside him so that was real sad for everyone.


We now have two pups and Toni is busy working on a page for TyneFudge and her new pups, two little girls here they are 7 days old...


Juno (Branna's brother) eating his birthday cake

It was their 3rd birthday on the day that TyneFudge had her babies so it was a special day 28th August

8th Sept

well how did I get in here? oh whoops *"?** I can't find the door and don't think I will fit through this hole?

Hi there everyone, can't get a picture taken as I am stuck in here, so untill I find my way out you will have to make do with a pic of my head and paw

ok I will back up and find the proper way out!

Gambit the puppies dad

8th November

We have some pics taken of the girls out last week before this awfull wind and rain started.

Last night the stable door blew off and some other things blew around the place it was very dangerous

LATEST NEWS THOUGH......Toni said we need to all get ready for a new lot of babies! Branna is going to have some at the end of the month!!! Yehhh..........................She is starting to get a bit big around her middle, which you can see when she lays on the kitchen floor with her legs in the air. Honestly you would think she would have a bit more modesty. So keep watching for the new arrivals

4 of the girls sniffing around where the foxes have been Tabitha with ears flying in the wind
Branna having a drink from a pool Poppy checking out what Suki has sat in - with Ayro watching
Tabitha joins her mum for a drink  

November 24th

Good day all Levi here again

well you have probably heard the news my baby has had some babies! 5 in fact and they all seem healthy and well. Unfortunately there were a lot of peope wanting one of my grandpuppies but some people had to be dissapointed.

Toni will take a few more pics to put on here also on Brannas pups page soon...................


Dec 4th

Hi all levi here again

we had a couple of pics of Tegan sent to us today, from Lyn (her human) Tegan is playing with one of her friends she lives with, she is looking good isn't she....

Another pic of her on Tynefudge page of her on her fav sofa.

Branna is doing well with the new babies as well, Toni has put a little slide show on Branna's pups page

well back to the ice and snow, Toni keeps falling over but we all have more paws than her so we don't slip so much

see you later

Dec 14

Here we have a picture of Gypsy one of our pups who is now 7 years old...

She was running in the snow and looks like a Wolf with her hair blown like that

The pups are now 3 weeks old and busy running around and keeping Toni busy with the newspapers, of which we have a nice supply.

Plus more news we have one of Branna's last pups staying with us and she is being very good! Toni is going to make a video of her tomorrow so we might see her playing on the mountain enjoying herself..................

15th Dec

Good day all - well Toni has taken a short video of Tabith and her Sister galloping on the mountain...

Hmmm lovely girls they run like the wind.......


Jan 23

Nuala aged 5 months so pretty

25 Jan

Baby Brannagh Tabithas sister, off to go for a gallop with her new friend Reggie.

and asleep having nice dreams

Feb 20

Misty 12 weeks Brans baby

Levi here again with shocking news

My daughter Branna had an operation last night that saved her life! Toni was worried in the afternoon as Bran was looking real sad (like I do when she tells me off for pinching Seryn's dinner) and she was drinking a lot and bringing it all up again, warning signs Toni said and rushed down to the vet at 9 pm as she had suddenly gotten worse. When the vet examined her and said she had something wrong with her tummy plus she was going into shock, if they hadn't have got her there then she would have after a few bags of special drip to rehydrate her he decided to open her up to see what was wrong.

Well she had started to bloat up and they were worried in case her tummy twisted or even the spleen, anyhow Mark the vet did a brilliant job of stitching her tum to her inside to stop it twisting if she bloated again and they put a tube down her throat to get out all of the gas from her tum.....

Well it was touch and go, and Mark and Toni did a grand job on her, as there were no nurses to help, Toni had to assist.

So now it is fingers crossed that she recovers and close watch on her that she doesn't bloat again! Here she is above recovering at home when the got back at 2.45 am this morning, well I can tell you we were all very worried but she is a lot better today..... Thank you so much to Mark from Bush house vet in fairffach for making her better


and here is a picture of Khaos at 12 weeks (Misty's brother) looking good, with his uncle Juno (Branna's brother) and Zeus.

don't they make a lovely family...........

Cara with her new family at 14 weeks they do lots of walking in the woods every day
Branna news - she is doing well and going to have her stitches out today

6th March

mummy Heather said I needed a bath but I only just fit in the sink And here I am - dont I look good! Khaos 14 weeks

Branna is doing really well after her scary moment having an operation, she is out playing with the other girls now and looking good

31 march

Toni and Huw went to the Cotswolds and caught up with two of our other pups, Willow who was the only girl out of 14 puppies back in 2006 born to River, and my sister Minnie who was born 2 months before to Tippy they are having a nice life living at a restaurant in the prettiest place.

Today though Ayro is in the hospital with suspected pyometra - not nice so she will be having an operation later to give her a hysterectomy.......................................

17 April

Well hi there we just got pictures of Zeus Juno and Khaos, checking out the birthday cake for Zeus's 5th birthday. Aparently little Khaos was eating most of it!

22 June

well here we are again at last! Toni has bought a new place to have a gallery of her art and glass work, so she has been busy working on that for the last couple of months, so has not had tome to switch on the computer for me to update my news.........

But as you can see she has taken some more photos of us out and about on the mountain. That little Misty is growing fast and with her big sister Tabitha are always galloping about, they are so full of energy!

Anyhow Toni is making a gallery which should be online soon and we will be updating it with lots of up to date photos of us.

Untill then here is me my on morning walk with Seryn



11 july

Khaos with his uncle Juno and Zeus he is now 7 months old and nearly as big as them! Wellington here looking after his summer camp by the seems of it, and they had a good holiday

18 Aug

here is a pic of one of my other grandsons, Finnegan he and Khaos above are both now 38 weeks old. Lovely boys and Misty of course who lives here is their sister! Cara their other sister is on the gallery page after having a professional photo shoot done.

I am very pleased with all of them

Levi x

28th Aug

well today is my baby Branna's birthday and we also have a picture here of Juno her brother and his birthday cake.

It looks like Khaos and Zeus are also joining in his special treat!

Now then did Branna get one of those I must go and look................................

15 Sept

hi there everyone we had a couple of pics today of Misty's brother and sister they have grown quite nicely 9 months old now, and Cara still looks like Misty all be it a lot tidier

Toni also took some pics today of Tabitha and Misty playing with a couple of friends who came to visit, one being Jake who used to live with us and now lives with Zoe - Toni's daughter.

baby claymore on the sofa making himself at home Cara with her new friend Paddy the kitten

Misty Bobby Tabitha and Zoe


Tabitha on her own


and with Huw  

Misty with Jake the sheepdog

Misty with Poppy


well here is a new picture of Tabitha's sister baby Bran, sticking her tounge out to the camera! Iain her dad kindly sent this to us to keep us updated on how she is getting on. She was re-homed with him a few months ago and she is getting on great. Apparently she sleeps on his bed and has her own place on the sofa.................

Not a lot has happened here the sun is out today so a nice bit of sunbathing for us all on the mountain

9 Oct

Hi all well it is wet and misty up here today which is a change from the lovely weather we have been having!

We had an email today from Enfys who is Seryns sister, she looks very like her, here she is hiding behind some ferns up there in north wales where she lives with Marg and Chas and her brother Murphy. She is a happy girl

Us lot here are all doing well but Misty is still being a big pup and silly, she is the same size as her mum Branna at the moment and it is getting difficult to tell who is who when they are out running on the mountain. Tabitha though tends to get Misty playing at chasing and jumping on each other pretending to hunt. Suki is being an old lady and is a bit slower than the others, prefering a cuddle from Toni, and TyneFudge is just daft. Me and Seryn are as good as gold of course and watch over the others......

Oct 24

Levi here again with latest news

with a picture just sent to us from Ian and Heather, who have 3 of our pups that you will have seen on here before.

Khaos - Juno - Zeus

Khaos is nearly one year old now, our Misty's brother and Juno is Branna's brother and good old Zeus who is now a bit of an old man like me (Levi) we are the same age, but all looking good

Bad news though this week! we lost Seryn who is my very best friend, and Suki they are two of our older girls, who will be very sadly missed by us all and it was a bit of a blow for two of them to go within two days of each other...


and here is Khaos at his first birthday cake