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Jan 4th

well happy new year everyone from us here at Tonuchka Hounds

We are now down to 5 dogs (including me of course) and are all enjoying the new year,

Toni has revamped our bedrooms, and we have gotten rid of all the rubbish that Misty has collected and hidden under her bed so that is a bit better. Plus there is a new door on the outside of the dogs bedroom as the old one started to fall off its hinges. So we are all happy.......

we were sent this pic today of Nuala one of TyneFudge's pups, who is looking good she is the image of her mum...

11 January

Good day all

well we have pics here of Baby Claymore jnr below - and over to the other side is Khaos and his family - (Misty's brothers), 1 year old now, they are big lads arn't they! a bit like myself I guess

Well I have been out and about with Toni investigating ther mountain in the mud, I am not too keen now on getting mucky like when I was a pup, but hey I am an old man now and not as sprightly as I used to be, although I did chase JoJo one of the horses the other day and Toni was a bit cross with me.........................

ok back later


Claymore jnr

Khaos Juno and Zues

12 March

well here we are again going into spring apparently? It was very misty here this morning though when we all went out for a gallop.

Note this very raggedy photo of me galloping up the track - Toni said I look like a moth-eaten old blanket, but in my defence this is because I don't like her trimming my face! not for vanity reasons you understand, but because she might poke me in the eye with her scissors, or chop my ear off, so I tend to shake my head when I see the brush and trimming gear coming towards my head so that she won't try to tidy me up.

the girls have been digging with their noses, for what looks like worms, perhaps they are thinking of going fishing and need bait? Anyhow we are all still enjoying ourselves, and looking forward to the good weather........

Poppy had a bath and haircut yesterday so I need to get her to run in the mud with me to get back to normal - come on Poppy lets play before Toni tells us off.............. the girls digging for worms Tabitha seems to be doing well

misty hey I think I found some!

march 29

Good day all

here is a couple of pics of Nuala one of TyneFudge's girls with her mum Kay and 2 other family members (fast asleep by the looks of it) Apparently she loves to watch TV after a hard days fun :)


And here they are out for a walk before TV time

Nuala, Parker, and Bella

< Nuala and Kay after hard day and how she loves watching tv - especially doggy programs


9 April

hi there it is a new week and it is raining. We are all running around and enjoykng the weather but Toni is not happy and getting wet, plus she has run out of doggy treat biscuits and has to go down to the supermarket today to get some.....maybe tonights run will be more munchy

in the meantime we have had another picture of a big boy dog called Finn who lives with his brother and Carol, and and he is big > yes that is the chair he sits in in the living room of his mums house

28 May

hi all me again Levi Tonuchka

It has been a good few weeks apart from the weather at the middle of last month, when it rained and was mega windy!! Toni was in America for a few weeks and she said it was a bit better over there. Jenny came to look after the girls and I looked after her of course as she was busy trying to stop things blowing away on the mountain, and keeping dry on our walks.

Well yesterday we made a new fence in the 4 acre run as Tabitha was escaping so we had to make it safe or she might chase the cows and horses if she gets out all the time. Chasing the horses is good fun but Toni gets more than cross with us ...........Whoops......

Anyhow here are some pics of the new fence yesterday and Tabitha is looking at where she would go if she could escape


me after checking it is ok ...............................p.s. it is my birthday next week hope Toni makes me a cake yehhhhhh

16 july

hi all we are in the middle of a swamp here with all this rain, and constantly getting wet on our walks, not that we mind at all but Toni is not happy and has to keep drying out her clothes!

this week we got an update on little Bran, Tabitha's sister and hear that she has passed her advanced training classes !! well done little Bran here she is having a chill in the middle of her field

30 sept

Hi all it is me Levi again, I have not been writing for a while as we have had 3 poorly dogs in house, one of them is me!

TyneFudge has been on heart tablets for a while, and is ok but doesn't want to go out to do any running of course as she is a tired girl.

Then Tabitha wriggled through the fence and cut herself badly, so had to have an operation to stitch her back leg up, lots of stitches Toni said.

Then me feeling a bit sorry for myself and not wanting to eat, well lets face it! worry about my friend Tyne, and my (naughty) grandaghter Tabitha. But Toni said I should go to the docs anyhow just to have a checkup, so away we went on friday. Jessica vet said that I may have a bit of an infection somewhere, as my temperature was high, so have to go back next week after I finnish my antibiotics.

so hopefully see you all again soon.......................................

16 Oct

Well good day all - as you can see we have new pics of my relations Khaos ho is still a little blond redhead, Zeus who is my half brother and Juno my boy who is as hansome as me of course.

plus Angus my granson (brother to Misty and Khaos) who went to live with Karen and family and being completely spoilt with cuddles and treats......

But back to me! I went to the vets and they said I also have to take tablets like TyneFudge, and we are not even related? but we are doing fine now and now Tyne is acting like a pup, playing with the other girls, the tablets must be making her feel a bit better - I am feeling a lot better also since taking tablets. So hope we will be here for a while yet

right off I go and get some lunch, Toni has made me and Tyne some sausages, the other girls are out sunbathing on the mountain again.........


Khaos (mistys brother) Zeus and Juno looking the image of his sister Branna

Angus who is now a very big puppy 13 stone!


Angus (Misty's other brother) on his dads lap


end for now