here are some pictures of other peoples hounds that they have sent in to share with us

we put photos of your hounds on here for other wolfie fans to see

* so send us some pics *

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our past puppies with their new families

  Earrach waiting for a friend  
Zoe's Flynn    
Carol's Finn Carol's Brodie Zoe's rescue hound - Flynn
here is Viva she has a brand new home and her coat looks like a brand new teddy bear after having lots of brushing
Rachel and Darrens Morgan 2 years old - looks like he is hiding his ears here  

Margrets Murphy Black Zeus Maureen's Dillon
Bailey and her sleeping buddyChase Bailey and Logan Another pic of Bailey
Jill's Finlay pup Finlay now he is a big dog
Lorraine's Meg with her friend and here is Meg being cool Sue's Harley
Flake a pretty cream pup Sandra's Bryn Bryn - chillin out

Shay - United States (Jazz baby) Shay4months Shay and Patience
Doodle with his live in friend Jazz - United States Cassie belonging to Rachel
Charm - United States pup Charm - enjoying a spot of coursing
Kodiac - United States Tess from Ireland Wallace from England
Zildjian 6 months old  he is a lovely Wolfie/Dane/Mastiff pup and very handsome - and above now at 2 years old