Irish Wolfhound Society - - - one of the main irish wolfhound clubs in uk

Champdogs - - - a site that includes lists of all breeds and their breeders

Buddies - - - looking for pups here is a list of many breeds including  Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhound Club UK

Irish Wolfhound Club America - - - a very good site about all aspects of the breed


Dial a dogwash --- this is a dial up dogwash service that covers most of the country and growing in areas that it is covering

Dog Boots Active --- This is a site that caters for dog boots and they are perfect for wolfies and sporting dogs that need their paws protected

KennelMate.co.uk --- This is a site that sells dog beds that are practically non - destructable, waterproof, and washable, plus other products to enhance you dogs life

Irishwolfhound shop --- a site that sells wolfhound products, worth a look

Dog Training Tips --- for bad behaviour

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