one week old

born on

25th March

Hi there I'm Suki Nugit's girl


10 days old

getting big

one of the girls likes Ebony's tum for a pillow

Mum save me from these monsters


2 weeks old today

lets have lunch

all sleepy now

Nuggie sneaking up on mum


suprise mum here I am

nice laying here with the sun on us

hey guys we are nearly 3 weeks old!

4 weeks    
I am not a climbing frame kids

Ok where did mum go ?????

4 1/2 weeks    

hey Nuggie I think I have found a way to escape

but lets have tea first

Nuggie look over here

that Suki doesn't give me a minutes rest


now where did Toni leave that yorkshire pudding?

mum quick! grandad Claymore is going to eat Toni's dinner

better get this bed before the others get here

Ebony is suning herself in the garden

First time out in the puppy run  
you lot may be ok in this run whilst Toni does her housework? but I want to be in the garden with my mum

Ok Maeve go for it that sock will be ours

hi there I am Keeva

hey it is good out here but what is this big plastic snake?

I'm outa here before it gets us

Gimme the toy

Keeva where's Nuggie gone ???

don't worry Suki I will go and find him.

Hey guys that snake is still there NUGGIE where are you!!!!


Keeva, Nuggie and Maeve, new homes Suki having a sleep by back door

I have just had a run round in my new garden


Help mum let me out Nuggie thinks we are going on an adventure


I wonder when I will see them again?

Nuggie and Narla (was Maeve) with their new friends

Ok Nugs you keep him occupied and I will knick the bone

Hey this human has a nice lap to lay on!


this bone is good wait till I go visit Suki and tell her to get one


Born at easter on good friday 2005

all now with new homes

to the



below is a link to see some of our pups in their new homes including TORIN the show pup

growing pup pics