Well todays news is that Riv had her puppies, sounds good but hey there were big problems!!

She started on 11th April at 12 noon and by 2 o'clock she had had 4 baby boys, we had to wait until she had another boy at 4.23 p.m. then at 6.20 p.m. she had another little boy, and then things started to slow down.

At 9.29 p.m. she had a boy puppy but unfortunately at 10 p.m. a boy puppy was born dead, which was very sad, but 30 mins later she gave birth to a little boy pup who was fine!

At 2 a.m. another boy pup, that was still born so enough is enough and I rang the vet. I put on my coat and drove to the vets surgery to get something to help her along.

After another still born boy puppy, River, the pups, and I, all went to the surgery. The vet examined her, and could feel a tail but puppy was stuck, after a scan to see how many were left in there (she was still very large in the tummy area) we saw a heartbeat!
In we boldly went, c-section - but the boy puppy who was stuck had died, however there was another boy, and that was alive!
Out he came, then at 10 a.m. this morning, the last pup entered this world who was soo blond, and noisy, it had to be a GIRL !!!

1 out of 14 pups! we can see who is going to get all the attention this time…………



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Tippy Pups

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