TyneFudge had pups on

4th June2009

Hi there here is TyneFudge with her new babies, unfortunately she had a few more that were still born so that was very sad, but at least she has these three to keep her busy

will update with pics etc. over the coming weeks

TyneFudge having a break for her lunch

2 days old

Ok lets lay on jumbo here for a rest he keeps

gettin all the milk off mum before us

here they are 1 week old sleepy after breakfast

just 2 weeks old

Poppy puppy sitting at three weeks old

she really enjoys looking after them

ok here we are eating weetabix and how yummy is that

I am getting to grips with this slippy floor even though Toni says we should have a rug to play on now we are out and about


Four weeks old tomorrow

here they are after their supper last evening.

They are growing like grass!

really good and really happy although they are a bit rough now feeding off TyneFudge with their little teeth

Here is Jed just having a sleep after his supper

Wellington is also a bit sleepy

and this little girl with no name (who dosn't have any people to own yet) looks like she has been out on the town with her tounge lolling out


here they all out for an explore

Wellington sniffs the air for intruders    Jed is always foraging nose to the ground - and Molly (new name for the little girl) follows the boys



Molly        -       Wellington    -       Jed

6 weeks old now

if I undo this I might escape

Jed watching Molly trying to make hole in their gate

Wellington watching Molly do her morning stretches

neh neh I got the best spot

oh oh round in circles game with Molly holding onto Jed's tail


there was food here I am sure

looks like Wellington ate it all

still none?


7 weeks old now

follow my leader

we like this sniffing around in the grass

hmmmm whats this

Molly in the orchard looking for Wellington

8 weeks old now and all having fun proper little wolfhounds now!!


we are not talking today




here is a nice person who is enjoying cuddling us

Zoe is Toni's daughter and has spent lots of time playing with us this week



Thomas the cat decided to come in and visit - he often plays through the gate but they all gave him a sniff today then he went back to his post outside



Wellingtons mum and dad sent him a nice bed to sleep on, but he decided to take over Jake the sheepdogs bed instead - and Mollie likes it on Poppy's bed

Wellington is already getting to big for this bed they are both going home tomorrow with their new parents though, so Jake and Pops can have their beds back

we will all miss them very much !!



we have had some pictures back of Molly after she settled in her new home and is enjoying it very much she has a nice clean floor there and enjous having breakfast in the garden with her new mum and dad Sally and Jon



Wellington is doing well also he now apparently had a nice tartan collar and lead and is practicing with it in the garden before he goes out into the big world, he is going to send us some pics soon

and here he is looking chunky like a little boy pup should with best friend Manny - the youngest family member and big sis in the car - oh and dad of course !



Here is little Molly not quite so little now, she is getting tall like her brother Wellington but a lot more like a lady.

how pretty her coat is looking

here is an update of Wellie who is now 8 months old  
Molly 9 months old playing with a pal in the park

and having a lay down after a tiring run


Wellington aged 1 hansome boy